tiniest airport

This post is entirely inspired by a radio programme – last week in my favourite radio station’s morning programme the subject was “airports around the world”. Of course you can spend hours discussing whether the one in Singapore is the best and Heathrow the busiest, but they mentioned the most amazing ones they’ve visited too.

This brought the memory of probably the most amazing and furthest place I’ve ever visited – and I know how incredibly lucky I was to have been there.

So – Futuna. Part of Polynesian French island territory, Wallis and Futuna. It’s about 8.5 hours flight from Sydney, about 3.5 from Fiji. You fly above coral reefs and touch down on a strip of grass just off the beach, the “flight tower” is one of maybe 6 buildings on the whole island to be over 1-storys, the whole airport staff is two men – a flight control guy is wearing a “lava” – a colourful piece of material wrapped around his waist, and the other one, the fireman is a dancer of traditional Polynesian dances -and he’s a huge guy! The control tower is one of few buidlings to have air conditioning and it’s still +42 degrees Celcius inside. It’s also one of 3 building to have phone line. The departure lounge doesn’t have framed windows – there are just holes like in any other building on the island. It does have scales to weight passengers with their luggage – they need to weigh down the whole plane so that it could actualy take off 🙂 And when you arrive the islanders greet you with flower-wreaths and tell you they are proud to be hosting you…

It was THE most amazing airport I’ve ever seen. Just have a look…

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  1. Talk about getting away from it all…:-)

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