simply violets

Been picking them up today. They are just so wonderful. And I know it sounds totally cliche-ish but I’m just so happy to be watching spring coming another year, little leaves, trees in blossom and these tiny violet specks on the grass all around. I might be turning soft as the years go by.

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3 Responses to simply violets

  1. No, No, no, not soft – appreciative. And filling your house with the wonderful scent of violets … that’s a practical thing – to dispel the aromas of winter:)

    • layyla says:

      Oh, I definitely need this – dispelling aromas of winter! I’m simply yearning for more sun, more scents and more spring!

      • Well, you know what Spring’s like – a little bashful sometimes, and at others just like a teenager can’t wait to be grown up and throw caution to the wind. I remember it being the most exciting time, when I lived in Canada – and yes, frustrating. I remember one year it was so warm, day after day, I relented and got some ‘summery’ dresses from the storage boxes. The next day we had a blizzard!

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