“Sterntaler” (germ.) – “The Star Money” (also called “Star Talers”) is a fairy tale by the Grimm Brothers.
The story in short: An orphan girl was so poor as to have no home; she had only her clothing and some bread. She gave a hungry man the bread, three cold children her cap, her jacket, and her dress, and in a forest where it was dark and she would not be seen, another begging child her shift. Then stars fell to earth before her. They became talers, and she found herself wearing a fine linen shift. She was rich thereafter.

But, it is also a piece by one of my favourite street artists, NeSpoon. Polish artists calls her works “jewellery for the city” – her focus are patterns of lace, many of them inspired by traditional embroided serviettes and table mats, and she uses a variety of techniques to reproduce the patterns: stencil and spray, hand-crafted webs of lace hung in different spaces and ceramics.

And it is ceramics what distinguishes what she describes as “perhaps the most important and most personal of my previous work”, the Sterntaler prepared for Festival Fame which taks place in Grotaglie, Italy (note to self: come back to this Festival!)

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2 Responses to Sterntalen

  1. Think this is absolutely beautiful.

  2. layyla says:

    I absolutely agree…it has this dreamy, magical touch to it I can’ teally explain, it’s so delicate and crafted at the same time – just imagine how much time and precision it takes to create this wonderful, golden-lace ceramic patterns!

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