green, green grass of home

Green grass (finally!) stretching everywhere I go, growing stubornly against the dirt of some city lawns, pleasing the eye as it grows and flourishes.

Inhabitants of a certain town in France must have had the same thought and the joy at the sight of grass, and maybe they actually though: “Hey, why don’t we have some more grass around the town, a grass carpet on our streets?”. Well, maybe this wasn’t the first though, as this particular installation was carried out to celebrate the 10th year of the nature and nature trails programme of a picturesque village of Jaujac.

Public artists responsible for the installation, Gaëlle Villedary, used 3.5 tons of natural, living turf grass – I loved this description I found, so a direct quote here – “it flows down the streets, up staircases and around corners – a green carpet, unfurled like a leaf, in a city of stone.

Stretching nearly 1,400 feet, the trail brings greenery to places that have little room for nature. Though the village is set in a breathtaking natural setting of forests, hills and rivers, its public areas are fairly bare.

The artists explain, “Through the village to link natural areas on either side, a link, a path … a path connecting the heart of the village and its inhabitants with the valley. The incarnation of the wire through the ages to Jaujac is a piece of nature, a communion between Nature and Man, through Art.””

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2 Responses to green, green grass of home

  1. I love this. I want to walk on it in my bare feet! 🙂

    • layyla says:

      Me too 🙂 it looks amazing as a contradiction to these old, stone walls and stairs…I’d gladly visit the place and have a walk….

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