boa mistura

Boa mistura is a Spanish art collective – the name in Portuguese means “good mixture”. They describe their works as “being all about the love of graffti, colour and life”.
They has surely blended themselves well with residents of Vila Brâsilandia, one of the favelas in São Paulo,Brazil. They organized an urban project called “Luz nas vielas” (“Light for the streets”) and invited the local people to paint ‘vecos’ and ‘vielas’ – winding, often narrow streets on which the internal life of the community centres – and put uplifting messages on these walls. To see the final effect you have to look at the proper angle and distance – words seemingly float in the passageway, thanks to an illusion effect based on the careful painting  of stretched-out text in accordance with the 3D perspective.

Fun, colour, art, social participation, change all in one. Loving it.






Work in progress…

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2 Responses to boa mistura

  1. I love this concept! Its amazing – and the kids look like they’re having a ball, too! Thanks, Layyla 🙂

  2. layyla says:

    They do like they loved it – well, their life isn’t always that full of fun, I guess. Idea is great and the colours on these narrow, maybe in the past also dangerous streets, are such a great idea for change 🙂

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