Just a little story, a bit personal maybe, but I simply got uplifted yesterday evening. I was cycling back home after 3-day long biking trip when 3 boys stopped me at the traffic lights, asking if I knew where is the closest animal shelter. They where probably aged 12-15 and carrying a tiny, poor kitten, which almost couldn’t see because of all the pus at his eyes (and more at his nose and mouth), probably exhauseted because it just lied still in their hand – it was so tiny it fit into just one hand. They were so determined to do something with the kitten that when I offered (after trying to reach an alarm phone number to find out about shelters, and nobody answered!) I’d take the kitten home today and to the shelter tomorrow they actually said, after some shy hesitation, they’d rather do it themselves. And finally I directed them to a 24-vet clinic at the university they decided to walk there – even thought it was growing dark and it’s a fair walk!

I take back everything I ever said about young boys from ‘rough’ districts – which they were from – being cruel and stupid. Faith in humanity restored. Amen. (And I so apologise  for this very personal outburst).

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  1. Don’t apologise – its a great story! Thanks for sharing, Layyla. 🙂

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