Full moon

I love the full moon in general, even at times I cannot sleep and a strange worm stirs in me, pushing me to extremes.

But today’s moon is just very, very special and thrillingly beautiful. From the scientific point of view the reason is that “Saturday’s event is a “supermoon”, the closest and therefore the biggest and brightest full moon of the year. The moon will come within about 221,802 miles (357,000km) of Earth, which is about 15,300 miles closer than average. It will make the moon appear 14 % bigger than usual”.

I went out to see it. It looks like a huge lamp, almost as if it was an artificial ball of light, hanging so closely above the city. It is absolutely stunning! Unfortunately, I don’t have the best of cameras, so I will have to make do with photos I found. Nevertheless, the moon is just crazy beautiful 🙂

It does look unnatural, doesn’t it? And lastly something more, but also on the subject 😉

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One Response to Full moon

  1. You’re right, Layyla – crazy beautiful!

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