Pep Guardiola

I know that this may seem off-topic, but I must admit I am a sport fan, and in particular a long-standing fan of FC Barcelona. And again, I know, some of you who are popping into this little harbour of photos, sights and thoughts of mine might not be interested in football (the European one) at all. But this is something what touched me deeply and the blog was supposed to be the place where I share the emotions, so this time I will not even apologise for posting.

Pep Guardiola was a coach for FC Barcelona football club for 4 years, winning all the most important trophies in the world in his first year. His team has beaten all the records on the number of goals scored, individual awards, not to mention that it is a team which plays the most captivating, beautiful game. Pep was considered the most professional, innovational and passionate leader, in addition a true gentleman, well-dressed, outspoken, handsome etc. His farewell to the beloved club caused a wave of positive emotions around Europe – which can be seen by the number of “thank you” messages on Barca’s website and other sites.  Yesterday his team played a last game with him, and together with the fans on the stadium they made a beautiful celebration afterwards to acknowledge (probably) the best coach the club ever had.

Gracias, Pep!

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