Temps de Flors, part 1

Temps de Flors (“Flower season”) is a festival held every year in a picturesque, historical city of Girona, Spain. This years edition will take place between 12 and 20th of May – so it actually starts today, at one of the most important site, stairs to the city’s cathedral.
It is probably one of the biggest and most important event in the calendar of the Catalan (oops, I meant Catalonian) city. The floral exhibition converts the whole city into an ornamental garden of surprises – monuments, stone courtyards and urban locations are covered with a the whole variety of species and colours. The floral decorations, frequently prepared by artists, are accompanied by light and water and musical setting. Some of them are quite traditional, frequently referring to the proud tradition of the Catalonian region, some of them are innovative, even avant-garde.
The city, which is worth visiting at any time of the year – if at least for it’s narrow cobbled streets, its Jewish Quarter and characteristic colourful houses at the Onyar river bank. But I guess it just must look amazing during this celebration of spring and nature ot, as someone has put it, a “riot of flowers”.
I simply love the idea of such a riot, thus – gallery of the past events today and in the days to come. And they also managed – obviously unknowingly – to add something new to my little series concentrating on stairs 🙂

Today, a more traditional approach to decoration, including floral carpets – installations on the famous stairs.

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4 Responses to Temps de Flors, part 1

  1. How beautiful 🙂

    • layyla says:

      It is 🙂 I love old stone towns with loads of storie hidden on cobbled streets, and it looks amazing with all the flowers and colours!

  2. restlessjo says:

    This is the second post I’ve read about the Flower Fest in Girona today. Love your photos Layyla. It looks a great time to visit.

  3. The exuberance and flamboyance is fantastic, and so full of joy. Wonderful, Layla.

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