Temps de Flors, part 3

And, last but not least (I always wanted to use this phrase on my own) – innovational projects that combine light, new technologies, avant-gardish inspirations and humorous installations on the Catalonian event.

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4 Responses to Temps de Flors, part 3

  1. What a creative weekend you’ve had, Layla:) Whee is the broken piano installation? If it’s near a theatre/opera house/hall, then that’s my fav:) I did really like the flowers in the boxes too, but thought maybe it was a little too obtrusive in a real city setting?

    • layyla says:

      The broken pianos is at the central staircase of the city or maybe rather, the most important staircase, as they lead to the cathedral in the Old Town. Here is where the Festival starts 🙂 But you’re quite right that it’d look even more interesting if it was at the feet of some concert hall.

  2. restlessjo says:

    I absolutely must go next year.

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