“Bicycles seeking owners”

Luziterruptus is a Spain-based “anonymous artists” group who carries out urban interventions in public spaces. In their own words, their work  is described this way:

“We use light as a raw material and the dark as our canvas.”

Their idea is to focus people’s attention by using light on problems thy found in the city which seem to go unnoticed to the authorities and the citizens. These problems concern environmental protection, pollution, politics, but sometimes the aim is to highlight anonymous places and corners or objects they consider to have an outstanding artistic value, despite the fact they were left on the streets.

Their latest installation is of special value for me, as I am a truly keen cyclist, on my little personal war with cars on the streets, which sometimes seem to burn with a desire to crash a cyclist…

The installation called Bicycles seeking owners was carried over in April. Here’s what the artists had to say about the project:

“With it we were trying to motivate the people to use bicycles in their travels about the city, given that it constitutes a healthy and economical alternative to public transport which has just risen by an average of  11% and which in some cases has doubled in price; as well as being an effective way to diminish the environmental pollution that is increasingly worrying in regards to the health of the citizens of Madrid.

To carry this out, we used the annoying street bollards […] we turned them into a unique army of illuminated bicycles, that roamed the quiet streets of the city center, looking for someone who might be inclined to adopt and use them, proving to themselves, that even without a bike lane, you can travel easily, without disturbing pedestrians or disruptimg traffic.

And, well, if in the end we did not manage to encourage people to take to the streets by bike, we hope that our invention has at least served as a seat for a short break on the way home.”

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