Lace fence

How about some original fencing? Original, delicate, even pretty and sweet – a great difference from the usual, heavy, iron-wrought, hostile black gates, inaccessible, dangerous, spiky fences that are so (unfortunately) popular – at least round here the heavier and the uglier – the better, it seems. I don’t know, maybe all the people who build houses (which are hideous here, too) think this way “Oh, I must show my power/pride/wealth/privacy (etc) with the big, badass gate”. The results are usually terrifying, true, but by their ugliness. Or am I the only one?

This is the description I found on this unique product:
“Lace Fence is a design of Dutch Design House Demakersvan. It is a high-end metal fabric that gives new insights in how you can create unique environments. It combines the ancient craft of lace making with the industrial chainlink fence. Every fence is unique in its design by its craft and assembled patterns, which come in a variety of themes. From antique lace floral to contemporary designs and custom art patterns.
Lace Fence shows how something which was meant purely functional can also be decorative. Hostility versus kindness, industry versus craft.”


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2 Responses to Lace fence

  1. Layyla – I’m pretty sure these guys are exhibiting at The Powerhouse Museum ‘Love Lace’ exhibition in Sydney. You gotta’ come, girl!

    • layyla says:

      I’d honestly lov to come dow under – it’s a bit costly for me now unfortunately, but it’s surely on my “I dream of” list, or maybe on “I will do in the future” list. This is the exhibition you wrote the post about, right? It must be amazing…

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