Were you Lego fans in your childhood times? I surely was, together with my brother we had numerous sets – I remember the first one we had ever was garbage truck 🙂 – but he had the whole variety of 2-storey restaurants, pinkish gardens (the girly sets, when they appeared, yeah!), small castles with archers, knights and horses, pirates, police cars, excavators, and so on and so forth (thanks to our parents for supplying us with the not-really-so-cheap toys!!). He even took a huge box of Lego when we went on holiday with the whole family – we usually went to Italy or France to camp there. Going through motorways there were a lot of road works all the time – my brother would watch the heavy machinery on the roads there, and in few minutes he’d build exact copies of the cranes, lorries etc with the small bricks!

Anyway, I love Lego and still can’t forgive my dad for passing over our collection to our cousins 😉 I also absolutely love J.R.R. Tolkien’s trilogy “The Lord of the Rings” with its intricacies, names given to precious objects or animals, tribes and – all in all – the message of friendship being the strongest and most powerfull of feelings and bonds and of the good prevailing over the evil (I might be a little old-fashioned saying all this but I don’t care).

So when I first heard that the Danish company decided to create a series of brick-sets and characters inspired by the great story – I was flabbergasted. And when I saw it – it was honestly a simple “wow”. Check out the details of faces, the construction of places.. They are just amazing! So much fun to play with, I’m sure! Not to mention the fat how much influence it has on small people to persuade them to read the beautiful story of Frodo, the ring, the elves etc…The only thing I’m not sure about is the age limit – are you sure the age limit of 8-14 for “Shelob’s attack” isn’t too low? Only musing, but as I said I am old fashioned in the matter.

Check out the photos of the sets!

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