Gloomy art

I am a bit in a gloomy mood lately (despite the gorgeous weather here). An for gloomy times – comes the best of gloomy arts.

Please let me introduce you to the art of Zdzisław Beksiński, an amazing painter, photographer, sculptor, architect, graphic artist who worked with computer graphics – but it was his painting that brought him the biggest acclaim. However, the person himself, his biography is another, long story, full of turns connected with the Polish post-war history and politics, but also – and most importantly – of tragedies in his personal life. His beloved wife died after long illness, their only son, a popular radio presenter, journalist and translator (of i.a. “The meaning of life” by Monty Python and the whole “Bond” series) committed suicide fearing the turn of the centrury and rejecting the changes and speed of the modern worlds, on Christmas Eve 1999. The pianter discovered his son’s body…

But, despite what his art could suggest about him, he was said to be a very pleasant, friendly person, who had a great sense of humour, was modest, shy and avoided public events and admiration.
He was found dead in his apartment, having received 17 stabs with a knife on the body – a person, who pleaded gulty was a teenage son of the painter’s long-time caretaker. Apparently, Beksiński had refused to give him a loan of approximately 100 US dollars…

Zdzisław Beksiński became famous for the series of works from the period which he himself called “fantastic realism” or Baroque, mainly created between lat 60s and mid 80s.  This is his best-known period, during which he created very disturbing images, showing a surrealistic, post-apocalyptic environment with very detailed scenes of death, decay, landscapes filled with skeletons, deformed figures and deserts. These paintings were quite detailed, painted with his trademark precision. At the time, Beksiński claimed, “I wish to paint in such a manner as if I were photographing dreams”.

Personaly, I think that this grim, distorting images are absolutely unique – surely they have an impact on your imagination and it’s not possible to remain unmoved by them – in any way, be it fear, disgust, wonder, fascination…

If some of you knew the art – I always find coming back to the reproductions touching, so maybe you’d too. And if you didn’t know him – please take a minute to admire the art of Zdzisław Beksiński.

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2 Responses to Gloomy art

  1. Layyla – Why gloomy? It’s summer in Poland. A time of walking barefoot and eating outside…

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