Play me, I’m yours – Toronto, part 1

I discovered this absolutely amazing project through the post which was Freshly Pressed recently – so some of you might have also seen it – but I think it is so wonderful that I just need to repost it.

The following pictures were taken by the author of the blog Peach, Plum, Orange (a very tasty name of the blog, too), Franco. He set himself a goal – “my goal is to photograph each piano at each location.” So far he has managed to photograph 30 out of 41 pianos which are placed on the streets of Toronto – and despite the effort it must take he claims “I’m loving every second of it though. “.
I must say I have found myself a new fascinating blog to follow.

And as for the project itself – it turns out I am far behind having discovered the entire “Play me, I’m yours” project only now. The official website of the project provides this information:

Touring internationally since 2008, “Play Me, I’m Yours” is an artwork by British artist Luke Jerram. Reaching over a two million people worldwide more than 600 pianos have now been installed in cities across the globe, from New York to Sydney, bearing the simple instruction ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’.

Located in public parks, bus shelters and train stations, outside galleries and markets and even on bridges and ferries, the pianos are available for any member of the public to play and enjoy. Who plays them and how long they remain is up to each community. Many pianos are personalised and decorated by artists or the local community. By creating a place of exchange ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ invites the public to engage with, activate and take ownership of their urban environment.

The artwork has continued to tour the world, successfully acting as a high profile launch event for numerous major international festivals, including the Pan Am Games, 2010 European Capital of Culture, San Jose Biennal, Sydney Festival, City of London Festival and Barcelona’s Maria Canals International Music Competition.”

Among the cities which reached the project were Paris, Barcelona, Sao Paulo, Sydney and Belfast. Nothing even close to Poland – maybe this will somehow explain why I never heard of it 😉

I have decided to repost the amazing photos that Franco took in parts – they are just too good to be presented all at once! 😉 And if some of you are in Toronto by any chance – here’s the website of the project with the map.


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