Payphone’s second life

In the mobile phones’ era one of many things which are gradually disappearing from cities landscape are payphones. For me they are still an iconic, I remember well how scared I was if I had to call my parents work for some reason using one of them and the chips, and collecting phone cards from different coutries. I was saddened when the Polish Telecommunication anounced they are removing the remaining booths from the streets. I actually had an artistic idea about it, but it turned out it was too tricky to spray a stencil in the city centre on the booths located there 😉

But some people succeed in their artistic ideas concerning deserted payphones. The resident of Highland district in L.A. and at the same time an artist – which is maybe not so surprising as neighbourhood is beloved by hipsters – Amy Inouye of Future Studio Design set out to revitalize an abandoned payphone. What she came up with is a Book Booth – apparently, it is so popular, that it was already re-stock several times.
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  1. Fantastic idea, Layyla! Great find!

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