Banksy on Olympics

The subject of the Olympic games is obviously hot now, as always (well, by this I mean always – past what, 3 times) the games provoke the discussion about the meaning of the olympic values, which may seem a bit (and this might be an understatement) out-of-date, good intenetions of the sportsmen and their hard work is often blurred by the doping or arbitrage scandals, the race for the gold by teams such as China or Korea is connected with more than a few doubt not to mention the fact that Syria deploys its sportsmen despite the raging war and thousand of people dieing as we speak. Also, the partners of the games are strongly criticized – McDonalds is probably not the healthiest food, and especially not for athletes, Visa and their commercial image is not adequate for the poor countires, turning a blind eye on the overexploitation of young athletes (gymnasts mostly) has become a routine etc etc.

For the Olympics in London one notorious street artist has made several statements – Banksy prepared few works which as always mix the traditional themes for him – war, opression – to comment upon the current event in London.

Here are the works, as found on


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