stairs 13

The beautiful mosaic tiled steps of 16th Avenue & Moraga Street in San Francisco ~ California.
Artists Aileen Barr and Colette Crutcher created the mosaic design, a colorful, flowing, sea-to-sky theme, with fish near the foot of the steps and birds, leaves and stars near the top. The mosaic consists of 163 separate mosaic panels, one for each step riser. Community members were able to participate directly in creating the panels via a series of workshops that the artists held during summer 2004.

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3 Responses to stairs 13

  1. Native Santa Cruz says:

    Beautiful! I need to walk those next time I’m in the city…

    • layyla says:

      Aww, lucky you, make sure to take some photos while you are there – and on any other colourful stairs, if you find some – you might have noticed they are a kind of an obsession to me 🙂

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