Tree concert

The ground below an immense chestnut tree in Berlin’s Montbijoupark is aglow with green polymer membranes that produce sound from the impact of falling nuts. ‘Tree Concert’ is a temporary installation that aims to raise awareness of the diminishing stock of trees in Germany’s capital city. The installation was on display until today – so if by any chance you are in Berlin NOW then you might still be able to see it.

‘Tree Concert’ is a collaboration between the ad agency Proximity BBDO Berlin and the environmental organization BUND for Environment and Nature Conservation Germany.

Berlin is considered Europe’s greenest city with over 400,000 trees, but that number is shrinking. Each year, more trees are cut down than planted, and the remaining ones are not always treated with care due to a lack of funding. BUND has committed to protecting the trees that are already present in the city, and planting more in the future. The membranes respond to physical stimuli with both sound and light effects, producing an interactive concert. A live musical performance is planned in which artists from Berlin will accompany the sound of the chestnuts. Visitors who enjoy the display can donate to the cause via text message.

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