Tribute to Diego Rivera

Some time ago I wrote – well, mentioned – about the history of modern creators of murals. It seems fascinating to me that this now worldwide trend has its stong roots in Mexico – in 1920s the so-caleed Mexican muralism, a trend which was a promotion of murals, generally with social and political messages as part of efforts to reunify the country under the post Mexican Revolution government.

One of the most prominent artists, a vanguard of the trend was painter Diego Rivera (also Frida Kalho’s husband). He became involved in the government sponsored Mexican mural program. His murals depicted, for instance Mexico’s history, society. He developed his own native style based on large, simplified figures and bold colors with an Aztec influence.

Here’s a mural inspired by the style and work of Rivera – Tribute to Diego Rivera is located in Lyon, France.

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One Response to Tribute to Diego Rivera

  1. Angeline M says:

    Great post. Diego Rivera was a wonderful muralist and painter.

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