Starry, starry night

“Starry Night” is a title for a series of photos taken by a photographer Lee Eunyeol who constructs elaborate light installations in natural surrounding, creating a unique impression that the night sky trickled down on trees, creacked desert or a garden. For me, it also looks as if all of those places were flooded by night flies. Or, as the website I found this at says “the installation creates the illusion that there is a blue energy straining to be released from beneath the earth”.

The installations comprise of two parts, the natural light of the place and the fabricated one, place by the artists.
He gives this statement about his work:

“Starry night expresses private spaces given by night and various emotions that are not able to be defined and described in the space. I’ve chosen analogue type for the expression which attempts to install electric bulbs in an objet to be expressed using back space of night by taking advantage of huge studio. There are two spaces in photographs. One is a space before electric bulbs of familiar landscape are installed and the other is a space after electric bulbs expressed by dispersing personal emotion are installed. Unified light from these two spaces generates a mysterious landscape.”

As found at: thiscollossal and trendhunter.

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One Response to Starry, starry night

  1. restlessjo says:

    I love these crazy things, especially the second from last! What a great photo.

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