On Space Time Foam

We’re always told to keep our feet on the ground…but on the inside we wish we could drop that serious face and jump on a trampoline, laugh out loud etc.

Here is an amazing opportunity to just that. If you are anywhere near Milan, Italy right about now (or anytime until January, 2rd) make sure to visit HangarBicoca and loose yourself.

This incredible installation called “On Space Time Foam” which is like a playground for adults only is constructed of three levels of thin clear film hanging 65 ft (almost 20 meters) – a total of 1,200 square meters. It makes visitors lose their spatial coordinates and leaves them scrambling between the floor and the ceiling, known as ‘earth’ and ‘sky’.

It was designed by an Argentinian artist Tomas Saraceno, who says about the construction: “The film levels constituting the living core of HangarBicocca are constantly altered by climate and the simple movement of people. Each step, each breath, modifies the entire space – it is a metaphor for how our interrelations affect the Earth and other universes. As an artist I like to live and work between and beyond planet Earth.’

“On Space Time Foam”, which required months of engineering and static testing, is the accomplishment of a utopian dream for Saraceno, that of flight and lightness moving beyond the limitations of physics by experimenting with new materials and techniques.

The work was created thanks to the collaboration of a team of engineers and Lindstrand Technologies, a leading company in the research and production of aerostatic materials and products, hot-air balloons and space vehicles.

Visitors not comfortable with a walk across thin air can watch their others clamber overhead from the ground below.

As found at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2228609/Artist-Tomas-Saraceno-creates-living-adult-playground-Milans-HangarBicocca.html#ixzz2CbxCsbb0






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