CitéCréation – giving the art back to people

While I was looking for one particular mural I stumbled across an article which literally turned my knowledge about this particular domain upside down.

The article, or actually a series of three articles, is an extremely interesting, in-depth coverage of art phenomenon of CitéCréation – a world-leading mural art association.

The author of the article says about the association:

“CitéCréation is generally acknowledged to be a major contributor to the worldwide effort to give art back to ordinary people. That is the primary reason for its existence. The association seeks to re-establish art as being the expression of what ordinary people feel the need to express, without having to resort to elitist methods. Art is defined by CitéCréation’s work as being the reflection of living cultures and their wish to leave a trace of their existence for the future.”

And here is the statement from their own website:

“Who we are:
[…] CitéCréation has created over 58- monumental frescos since its creation in 1978. This trompe l-oeil frescos, or urban designs, illustrate strong cultural identities and are design to discover, embellish, and to bestow a magical aspect upon buildings, neighbourhoods, city districts, towns, companies [….] for the dreams, the pleasure and the pride of general public”.

You can read the entire series of articles here, I strongly and honestly recommend taking time for this!

And here is one of the most recognizable pieces by the association – and it’s detailed description.

This fresco, located at 102 Petit-Champlain Street (hence the name ‘Fresco of Petit-Champlain) , at the western most tip of the historic lower town district of Quebec was created in 2001 by Murale Création, a Canadian group founded in June 2000 by French artists from Cité Création and Quebec painters from Sautozieux Création. It depicts various stages in the history of Cap-Blanc, a working-class port neighbourhood located on the narrow strip of land between Cap Diamant and the St. Lawrence. The mural portrays the fishing and sea trade activities that once were the at the very heart of the area’s economy. It also includes locals, historic visitors and fictional characters. Among those depicted in the fresco are Captain Bernier, a Quebec explorer sent by the King of England to the North Pole; Lord Nelson, a British officer that fell in love with a local woman and had to be dragged back to his ship by his fellow crewmen; sail repairer Gustave Guay; and a sailor’s wife anxiously awaiting her husband’s return. A number of major historical events are also depicted, such as a devastating fire in 1682, a military attack in 1759, landslides in 1889 and a number of other disasters that befell the Cap-Blanc/Petit-Champlain area over the years.

I will surely come back to the association, oh how much I will!

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  1. This is an amazing mural

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