Museo a Cielo Abierto 3


This is another mural of the series located in San Miguel, Chile. It is entitled “Escritores Chilenos” (“Chilean Writers”) and was mades by Gesak Graffitero, a muralist and sculptor, founder of the Ha Crew (Lo Rekolectivo Ha), one of the oldest graffitti collectives in Chile.

The work pays tribute to to national literature and its leading exponents, who provide   audience worldwide with their creativity from the worlds most fantastic or cruder realities. No matter what  literary style they developed, they move us with the inexhaustible genius. The word is developed because of the need to communicate feelings such as love or anger, recall historical events, for fun or simply to tell a picture, this was their inspiration to do the work, creating a fantastical worlds analogy between the word and the image. The author also said about the work “since I was not interested to do the familiar faces of overexposed faces and illustrious of our literature I preferred to represent them in a more timeless manner, with the words they left us in their books, which is the real legacy we have.”

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