Lisbon Christmas Lights

Last year streets of Lisbon were decorated with special artistic installations designed especially for the Season – they were scattered in locations around the city centre. Most years, Lisbon celebrates Christmas with much fanfare, putting up huge a Christmas Tree. However, last year the crisis and scarce financial measures have forced the city to take a modest approach, so it invited artists to get creative and spread holiday cheer on a budget. Together with MUDE – Museum of Design and Fashion -the City Hall invited 25 artists, architects and designers to create light sculptures to mark Christmas in Lisbon, and from those 7 installations were selected. Among them – fallen stars, glowing red dominoes and a vine-covered tree created.

Designer Pedro Sottomayor’s shining stars provided benches for tourists around Figueira Square.

dezeen_Lisbon-Christmas-Lights-by-Pedro-Sottomayor-José-Adrião-and-ADOC-1 dezeen_Lisbon-Christmas-dezeen_Lights-by-Pedro-Sottomayor-José-Adrião-and-ADOC-4 dezeen_Lisbon-Christmas-dezeen_Lights-by-Pedro-Sottomayor-José-Adrião-and-ADOC-3


Architect José Adrião wrapped a tree in London Square with red fairy lights so that it would glow as brightly as a decorated Christmas tree.

dezeen_Lisbon-Christmas-dezeen_Lights-by-Pedro-Sottomayor-José-Adrião-and-ADOC-12 dezeen_Lisbon-Christmas-dezeen_Lights-by-Pedro-Sottomayor-José-Adrião-and-ADOC-11 dezeen_Lisbon-Christmas-dezeen_Lights-by-Pedro-Sottomayor-José-Adrião-and-ADOC-10


Over on Augusta Street, architects ADOC placed illuminated blocks shaped like Christmas tree branches that passers by can weave between.

dezeen_Lisbon-Christmas-dezeen_Lights-by-Pedro-Sottomayor-José-Adrião-and-ADOC-8 dezeen_Lisbon-Christmas-dezeen_Lights-by-Pedro-Sottomayor-José-Adrião-and-ADOC-5 dezeen_Lisbon-Christmas-dezeen_Lights-by-Pedro-Sottomayor-José-Adrião-and-ADOC-6

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