rehabilitation of an old palazzo

This project is a wonderful example of what is possible when history, art, architecture and technology unite to create a single grand gesture. Palazzo di Vigonovo in Venice (locally referred to as the “Campiello”) was damaged by a fire 30 years ago. The site and the building were once the source of archaeological and historical writings of the Greeks and Romans, before the fire destroyed almost all of it.

However, a brave project and three years of restoration have given Campiello a new life,  with a magnificent state-of-the-art corten steel facade. It was created by art historian Philippe Daverio and artist Giorgio Milani, the entire project was overseen by the local architecture firm 3ndy Studio. These 15,000 letters and symbols were drawn (by hand) by Milani. The composition was then transferred to a computer and laser cut to cover approximately 190 corten steel panels. The beautiful pattern includes dates, facts and memories – now the new façade takes on two beautiful faces – daylight glides through the apertures, at night, illumination emanates through the patterned collections of voids.

Truly beautiful!


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5 Responses to rehabilitation of an old palazzo

  1. restlessjo says:

    What a fabulous result!

  2. Exciting – and thanks for telling me about it 🙂

    • layyla says:

      You of all the people have the privilage to see it more than I do. I won’t say I’m not jealous, since I am 🙂

      • Don’t be jealous, Layyla! I’d never heard of Palazzo di Vigonovo until you posted about it yesterday, let alone paid a visit. It looks great, doesn’t it?

        I’m a real Venice snob, Layyla – only occasionally venturing to the outer lagoon islands, and certainly never across the viaduct back to the mainland! Having said that, I was going to take a trip up the Brenta Canal last year, until the weather turned foul and put a stop to that silliness! Vigonovo is closer to Padua than Venice, but everything is so close it would certainly be possible to make a detour … now, if I could just conjure some money so I could afford a little trip … 🙂

      • layyla says:

        Good luck on conjuring the money then 😉 and make sure to post some photos should you get to the Palazzo!

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