Tiny Peruvian Christmas cribs

Yes, it’s the holiday season. Although I dislike the shopping centres trampede and all the jingling and sparkling advertisement which brought the loss of what might be called “the holiday spirit” and made Christmas a festivity of eating and watching TV, I must admit that certain holiday smbols are dear to me. Maybe exactly because of the reasons stated above – as if to deny their reign over what we should actually feel and celebrate. I treasure the traditional Christmas tree hand made decorations I have at home, I like to watch the Christmas cribs at churches, provided they do not refer to politics or current affairs (as they tend to do in Polish churches).

A couple of years ago I was visiting Peru just few weeks before Christmas. Since the nation is Catholic now  – but I wouldn’t say they have abandoned their traditional beliefs in Pachamama and other spirits assosiated with their culture, they were forced the religion by the Spanish invaders upon their reign over the cologny – the items attibuted to Christmas are also popular down there. Walking around the shops, while looking for some souvenirs I came across quite a peculiar collection of Christmas cribs prepared by the local artists – representing different artistic styles and in varied material, wat is characteristic and – at least to me – both charming and interesting is the visible influence of the local culture, the looks of the local people, use of traditional clothing and presence of the animals traditionally bred in the country. Now I regret now having made more pictures, but what remains is also an – in my humble opinion – interesting collection.

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