The Wall Poems 1

I came upon this incredible project, encompassing a vast collection of works, as alway, accidentally, and tracing the description step by step, from one photo at some blog and a tiny information in a caption of another photo I ended up at a comprehensive summary of the project which – I must admit – is a great suprise to me.

The Wall Poems (in Dutch Muurgedichten) was a project in which 101 poems in many different languages were painted on the exterior walls of buildings in the city of Leiden, Netherlands. It was funded by the private Tegen-Beeld foundation of Ben Walenkamp and Jan-Willem Bruins, the project’s two artists, with additional funding from several corporations and the city of Leiden. The project began in 1992 with a poem in Russian by Marina Tsvetaeva and finished in 2005 with the Spanish poem De Profundis by Federico García Lorca, covering the works of e.e. cummings, Pablo Neruda, Rainer Maria Rilke and many others. Since a collection is sometimes obscure, due to the many languages the poems are written in (for instance Buginese language of Indonesia) many of the poems are accompanied by plaques with translations into Dutch and English.

I’m truly loving it! So, here comes another series, which will be popping out now and then. Be prepared. I might be turning poetic and o’romantic because of that, quoting the translations when I admire the text. Starting with the very one which opened the series in the Dutch university city. And again, I so wish I could transfer the idea onto the walls and streets of my city…

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3 Responses to The Wall Poems 1

  1. What a great idea

    • layyla says:

      I’m actually thinking intensly on transferring the idea on my city’s walls myself…I assume I will start with the most exotic languages.

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