The Treehugger Project

The Treehugger is an art project by Agnieszka Gradzik and Wiktor Szostalo – artists originally coming from Poland and Lithuania (respectively) began their work back in Poland, however, they both live in the US at the moment. Graduates of art academies, they have their works commissioned by both private and public sector.

This is how they describe their work:

“The Tree Hugger Project is an ongoing work of Environmental Art designed to help us re-discover our relationship with nature at a very personal and intimate level. Made from twigs, branches, sticks, vines and other natural materials, these playful sculptures remind us that we humans are still very much a part of our  natural surroundings.  They bring us back to childhood memories when climbing trees, and playing with friends outdoors was a part of our daily experience. Has anyone ever climbed a tree without hugging it?   Our Project offers an excellent opportunity to reach out to local communities;  demonstrating that standing up for the environment can be done in a fun and non-political way, and that contemporary art can be entertaining and make a difference in how we view our world.  We encourage broad participation by volunteers of all ages in making these sculptures.  The Tree Hugger Project can happen almost anywhere. It can be an event unto itself at your local park, school, or community garden, or they can be constructed in conjuction with just about any local community festival where people gather together.”

Their projects were located mostly in the US, but also Vienna, London and Poland, for instance “Lonely Tree, Lonely People” which was a featured art project for the UN Climate Conference Change which took place in Poznań, Poland in 2008.


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