Museo a Cielo Abierto 5

Since we are in the middle of the carnival (well, at least theoretically, I’m not much into partying lately even more so as the weather here doesn’t really encourage to go out much – yesterday it was -15 degrees Celcius) this post will be Carnival-related.

The mural from the series in San Miguel, Chile. The title of this particular piece is “Carnival Latinoamericano” and was done by Charquipunk + Larobotdemadera, both Chilean grafitti writers.
The description of the mural says it was inspired by the American festival traditions., in particular the carnival  as during this time  the American people have the ability to connect with their pre-Columbian origin through music, dance, costumes, costumes and masks used in the traditional festivities. It allows them to live again, at least for a few moments, the way they lived in the times that passed. All this is represented in a form that represents Andean textiles with their different textures and colours.


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