Art on Track

This is maybe not a trend, but at least the idea to change the mundane daily commuting into a meeting with art seems to have caught up in some places. Take this, for example:

For just one day each year, Chicago residents see their metro cars transformed into the an art gallery for ‘Art on Track’. This annual urban art exhibition gives groups of local artists control of the cars for an evening. Six artists/groups chosen by the organizers take over one rail car and transform it with their own individual theme. Installing the work is a major challenge, since the artists can’t leave any permanent marks on the cars, requiring them to get creative with suction cups and tape. Passengers in the gallery are encouraged to explore each train car, engaging with the artists and artwork. The train circles the ‘Loop’, elevated track in downtown Chicago, making stops for people to switch between cars to see it all. In addition to those who come out specifically to see the exhibition, thousands of commuters taking the trains home from work get an up-close-and-personal view of the installations.

Whole lotta fun! At least it looks so, judging by the photos.

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