Different use for lace at a monastery

When you think of the most wide-spread use of lace at a monastery, you’d probably think of mats, napkins, decorative table cloths, curtains etc. All the predictable items. Not in this case, however.

The Polish artist NeSpoon was invited by the organizers of Fame Festival to create an installation in an old, abandoned monastery in Grottaglie, Italy. For several years, artists from all around the world paint their works there. The place was virtually a top street art gallery. Unfortunately, the officials decided to renew the building and make here a museum of agriculture. She said “I was probably the last one, creating something in this space .
I put my installation at the altar in the old chapel. It is a rare opportunity to work in such a place.”

As I have already wrote some time ago, NeSpoon works with lace. Therefore, her unique installation in the monastery also included lace. I like the clash between the old, dirty, though still bearing some remnants of the glorious past (see the ceiling?) and the delicacy of the construction, hung there like a pretty spider web…

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