Volcano Box

In most city in the world, maybe with a pride exlusion of London and Berlin, street art is not considered as art by most of the general public, but rather as a vandalism. True, it is not a rule as such, taking into consideration the increasing popularity of street art, the auctions that sell pieces by likes of Banksy and other names, but still – the explosion of guerrilla paintings is not well-received.

Its seems the maker of this project thought that maybe giving the artist a particular place for display of their works would be a good idea. Vulcan Box is a project by Conrado de Velasco, born with the intention to be a mini gallery in which artists (mostly urban environment) can use their two-dimensional space to show new works. It is another factor/idea in the new ways of working that street art has brought to the artistic spectrum, alongside art curators that deal with streer art only, documentalists, art techniques and so on.

Vulcan Box is located in Waterford (Ireland), at the junction of O’Connell Street and Vulcan. It started in July 2012 and has had several artist on display until now.
You can follow the ecolution of thie curious art gallery on FACEBOOK and TUMBLR.

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  1. What a great idea

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