Origami street art

I have found this post on the blog of the first ever person who have followed mine – thus I have a very special feeling towards this site 🙂 http://thissydneylife.wordpress.com/

Since I have trouble reblogging the original post in the shape it was there, I am copying the entire text here. I must say, I love this find and the colours of the project, the imagination of the maker. And agreed – Mademoiselle Maurice, you rock!

“For me, there is something captivating about the fragility of any kind of art created out of ephemeral mediums like ice, sand, moss, chalk or – in the case of Mademoiselle Maurice – origami paper. That the artist knows their work is a temporary part of the environment seems to make it particularly special.

Through her work, Mademoiselle Maurice seeks to turn the outside world into an open air museum, one where her works are created in a way that communicates positive emotion in a purely subjective manner. She wants to brighten our lives, and I reckon’ she achieves that!

Mademoiselle Maurice works with different mediums – things such as origami, lace, photography, or painting and embroidery. For me, her works are a little naïve yet at the same time joyful. The images of her rainbow origami make me smile.

If you would like to see a more comprehensive gallery of Mademoiselle Maurice’s work, you can access her website here.

mademoiselle-maurice-origami-street-art-graffiti-9 mademoiselle-maurice-origami-street-art-graffiti-8 mademoiselle-maurice-origami-street-art-graffiti mademoiselle-maurice-origami-street-art-graffiti-3 mademoiselle-maurice-origami-street-art-graffiti-2 mademoiselle-maurice-origami-street-art-graffiti-4 mademoiselle-maurice-origami-street-art-graffiti-5 mademoiselle-maurice-origami-street-art-graffiti-6

The post is available here:


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5 Responses to Origami street art

  1. This is amazing, beautiful really

  2. G’day from down under Layla! I’m STILL following, my friend.

    Cheers for the shout out. 🙂

    • layyla says:

      Oh, so nice to hear from you and to know you are still there, reading Down Under. Many greets to (probably) sunny Sydney.

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