The Wall Poems 2

The Wall Poems is a project I already wrote about – featured here.

So, instead of watching your feet while walking, watch out for poetry – especially if you happen to be in Leiden. And here come another part of the poems in numerous styles, languages and alphabets. This time also with some of the translation. Because, I guess, not many of understand Greek. Or Japanese. Or Arabic.

Federico Garcia Lorca, Spain

De Profundis Federico Garcia Lorca, Spain

Those hundred lovers

are asleep forever

beneath the dry earth.

Andalusia has

long, red-colored roads.

Córdoba, green olive trees

for placing a hundred crosses

to remember them.

Those hundred lovers

are asleep forever.

Seiichi Niikuni, Japan

Seiichi Niikuni 2


Niikuni Seiichi River

Antony Kok, Nederland

Antony Kok Jagadada

Matsuo Bashõ , Japan









Matsuo Bashõ  The Rough Sea

The rough sea

Extending toward Sado Isle,

The Milky Way



K.P Kaváfis, Greece

K.P Kaváfis Hidden things

From all I’ve done and all I’ve said

let them not seek to find who I’ve been.

An obstacle stood and transformed

my acts and way of my life.

An obstacle stood and stopped me

many a time as I was going to speak.

My most unobserved acts,

and my writitings the most covered —

thence only they will feel me.

But mayhaps it is not worth to spend

this much care and this much effort to know me.

For — in the more perfect society —

someone else like me created

will certainly appear and freely act.

Nasir Kazmi , Pakistan

Nasir Kazmi

Tongue will yearn for gift of speech, speech for turn of phrase,

Poetic meets will stand bereaved of my style and grace.

New goblets wheel around, doubtless, in your town,

My old wine will sure be missed, saqi, in your age.

I, of course, did restless toss ever since I left my home,

My homeland too must have missed this exile unfortunate.

To them we owe the lamps of love burning bright in every heart,

The world will yearn for the man of art who once did fill the stage.

Change the gardener if you can, otherwise in vain,

You’ll look for the rose and cypress, and their cooling shade.

If the cruel wind of times continues to sway,

Earth wil lie drained of water, sun deceived of rays.



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