Pink Elephants on Parade, p. 1

Let me start with this one:


Disney’s classic, Dumbo, is one of the films that made my childhood. And the part where the little elephant is having hallucinations of hundred of pink, dancing and music-playing elephants was great explosion of colour (in the early post-Cold War Poland) and an intensive experience. Sure, now I can muse about the political correctness of this part, the  concealed reference to drugs and their influence…but, nah, I won’t.

On the contrary, I will focus on other elephants which were on parade – this particular, colourful parade took place in London in 2010, but Elephant Parade is another of the travelling exhibitions – I have featured painted cows, phonebooths and pianos already – that apart from a clearly decorative function, have an important mission. Its aim is “be the world’s largest support organization for the Asian elephant, threatened with extinction. The open air art exhibitions create worldwide attention, public awareness and support for the cause of elephant conservation”. 

Summer 2010 saw a herd of 260 brightly painted elephants taking on the streets and landmark areas of London.  With the help of several hundred artsits who have contributed with their work to the overall aim, an astonishing sum of £4.1m was raised at the auction selling bigger elephants – you could also buy smaller replicas in an online shop.

Here’s the first part of another collection of the most impressive, imaginative, surprising, beautiful, touching etc. painted elephants – you might be tired of these collections, but I’m constantly amazed. And there’s no way in which I could chose just a few of there fabulous pieces of art!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And if you wanted to have yourself a merry little replica, or you wish to read more, or contribute to this social enterprise, here’s the website: Elephant Parade.

Oh, yes, an if you will be in Luxemburg between July 19th and October 18th, look for the parade there – this will be the host city this year.



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