Crochet your world

Yarnbombing is obviously popular right now, but it seems this artists had foreseen the fab before it was even born. And did some great job out of her needlework.

In the mid 1990s Japanese artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam was showing a large scale crochet artwork at an art gallery when two rambunctious children approached her and asked if the sculpture, resembling a colorful hammock, could be climbed on. She nervously agreed and watched cautiously as her suspended artwork twisted and stretched as the kids climbed on top of it. Suddenly an idea was born. From that point, her work shifted out of the gallery and a subdued, monochromatic palette into a riotous rainbow of colors for children’s playscapes.

Rainbow Net was produced in close collaboration with structural engineers TIS & Partners and landscape architects Takano Landscape Planning and opened in July of 2000 after three years of planning, testing, and building. She has since created several additional playscapes around Japan. To fully appreciate the amount of work put into every installation it’s worth knowing that during final assembly, Toshiko crochets ten hours a day, often on her knees, until the installation is complete.

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2 Responses to Crochet your world

  1. Layyla – not sure if you know this, but I am incapable of crochet-ing. Consequently, I love anything crochet. This is amazing!

    • layyla says:

      I also don’t have this fantastic ability, which I regret now. They used to teach us at primary school how to crochet, but it was long time ago and I forgot most of it pretty fast. Also, I guess, I wasn’t patient enough to practice and to see any serious effects of my work. Consequently – just like you – I admire those amazing pieces of work. They surely require skill, time and patience, especially the large scale ones.

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