Rainbow village

Once upon a time a village was built on the then outskirts of Taichung, Taiwan for the soldiers of the National Army saved from China over to the island. In recent decades the city embraced it all around and the local council resolved to demolish the buildings. The protests of the local families were given a peculiar shape by an elderly resident named Huang Yunfu. He took a stand against the doom of extinction. With months-long work he painted with various figures all the walls, streets and every paintable surface of the traditional hutong area (this is a type of narrow street of alleys, which are formed by siheyuan, traditional courtyard residencies associated with Beijing.)

His work did not go unnoticed – already in the process of work students of the local university promoted it over the web. Now, Rainbow Village is a local tourist attraction and its demolition was, luckily, taken off the agenda.

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