Museo a Cielo Abierto 6

As we stepped into March and the International Women’s Day is soon approaching (is this still celebrated worldwide? I get a feeling it’s such a remnant of the past times in here…it was a particularly popular day back in the communist time) , this time I will present a mural dedicated to women, which is a part of the series in the Open Air Museum in San Miguel, Chile.

The authors of the mural provided this description:

Mural planned and designed according to the links created with women’s groups existing  within the population, emphasizing the importance of women in the indigenous people’s groups of Chile and their function as the pillar in many of Chilean families. The mural prepared by Collective Mano pictures a lady of a house, preoccupied by the family environment, the Alma Mater of protection and the care and love they give to their environment.

And despite the fact that the description can be over the top, as The Wanderlust Gene said once here, I still like the way the people of Chile emphasize their attachment to family, homeland and family values, and how they express it always with pride and in so much lively colour.


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