Quest: provoking spring.

It is my quest right here and now. It’s April 10th and the snow is still around. Lots of it, in fact. And no, this is not normal by any standards I know. We had only 3 sunny, warm day – warm now is being considered when it’s + 5 Celcius – from the beginning of March and believe me, the entire nation is looking grey, pale, depressed, deprived of energy, vitamins and we are howling for some spring.

Maybe by posting images and ideas filled with colour and energy I will make it happen?

So, here’s an idea from Herford, Germany – 5000 crocheted flowers at Plaza Gansemarkal in the city. If the nature wouldn’t bloom, let’s make the flowers ourselves!

5000 crocheted flowers Plaza Gansemarkal in Herford, Germany 227796_549415065069401_332997109_n

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One Response to Quest: provoking spring.

  1. stephanie says:

    trop joli.

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