Monet-inspired Pergola

Multi-coloured grapes adorning a passage in a city – it is not a little vineyard town somewhere in a green department at Loire river, though.

This installation was inspired by French impressionist painter Monet and his works. Canada-based architects and designers at Claude Cormier + Associés Inc. used 90,000 plastic balls to adorn Le Havre, France City Hall’s landscape as part of its Contemporary Art Biennale. This architectural pop art tribute was titled Pergola and boasted an eye-catching visual swirl of blues, reds, and purples to add an alternative liveliness to the viridescent garden and urban landscape.

While the multicolored, grouped spheres seemed to resemble grapes hanging from their vines, they are in fact inspired by wisterias, a flowering plant that has a significant role in French impressionism through its recurrence in Monet’s paintings. The piece commemorates the artist in his hometown with this installation that draws much of its visual cues, including its color palette, directly from the master impressionist painter himself.

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