Longest bench

Some time ago I wrote about the Lullaby Factory which was created by the English designer studio – Studio Weave. A visit to their website proved a jump into immense and interesting archive of projects, from what I have managed to read just at a short glance they are open to innovatinve ideas that blow some fresh air into cities and different places.

It’s spring here – at last!!! – so why not going for a walk? A walk by the sea – even better so – if one has one at hand 😉 And if you go for a walk at some point of a leisurely stroll you’d surely enjoy to sit down somewhere with a nice view. These designers seem to have thought the same – they have installed a meandering 324 metre-long bench on the seafront at Littlehampton in the UK.

Providing seating for 300 people, the bench is made of reclaimed tropical hardwood, salvaged from landfill and old seaside groynes, with colourful stainless steel bars inserted wherever the form twists, bends or dips.
Two bronze shelters enclose more frantic loops in the structure and frame views towards and away from the sea. The bench is already the longest in the UK and there are plans to extend it to 621 metres.

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