Fragiles Fabulae

Another interesting find (oh, how I love the internets sometimes for making such finds and journeys around the world possible!)

Fragiles Fabulae (latin – Frail Tales) was a project carried out by a French street artist, Žildabetween October 2011 and June 2012 in Naples, Italy.

Žilda is a self-taught artist who draws on history, literature, mythology and a sense of place for inspiration.  His techniques include  stencils, drawing, graphics, engraving, printmaking and painting, for this particular project mostly he used the paste-up technique – acrylics and oil on paper. In Naples he chose for his classical works the ugliest corners, hang paintings of the Renaissance and French Baroque in busy streets, inspired prints drawings and illustrations of the eighteenth century on supermarket car parks.

The artist provided this description of the entire project:

The parthenopean city becomes a hell inhabited by wounded angels ; who knows what happened to them but what better place could there be to heal their wounds? Eleven paper, oil and acrylic works revisiting and contextualizing paintings dear to the artist; eleven works of an aesthetics of wandering, from dawn to dusk, from uptown to port, from the dark belly to the light-burnt outskirts, a wandering carried along by the furious torpor and the circular energy of the city. Eleven “mises en scène” of a politics of the tragic and of the bodies’ sensuality in the capital of Punchinello, of his comic and ambiguous genius. 

I’d love to follow the streets of Naples in search of this art! Maybe this is an idea for a holiday, after all…

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