Museo a Cielo Abierto 7

Today in Poland we have a national festival, a remnant of the old times – in the communist time it was the “Labour Day“, celebrated vigorously with street parades and chanting that were (mostly) obligatory. Now it’s (mostly) a day when the people go away to their holiday houses, make grill/barbecue and drink a lot. Well, some still hang out the flags, but not so much paying attention to the prime intention of the policy makers from the past.

To mark this day I decided to go back to the Chilean Museum under the Open Sky and a mural called Tribute to workers, who struggled by which was meant the struggle for their rights in many aspects – this idea was, in change, one that shook the country in 1989…and you know what that triggered all over the communist block.

The artists who created this piece, a collective 12 Brillos, described their work this way:

The mural reflects the struggle of the workers of this land (Chile). Its strength and organization, represented through symbols and images, demonstrates that both the farm worker, the miner, the fisherman and craftsman like many others, are of vital importance for the emergence of society. We also include elements such as birds and flying stones symbolizing the quest for freedom and escape to the oppression of the labor movement in this country. Finally everything is accompanied by the phrase “The hands of the workers raised this land”, summarizing what we wanted to capture through the paint.



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5 Responses to Museo a Cielo Abierto 7

  1. restlessjo says:

    Funnily enough I’m in Krakow this Swieto Pracy! It’s cool and grey but the family are in good spirits- it’s a holiday! 🙂

    • layyla says:

      It’s been cool and grey around most of the country, I can tell you, and this is the first such bad and cold May weekend I remember for a long time – but the spring was late over 1,5 month, and this never happened before either (as long as I rememeber). I was watching many tourists down here today and they also seemed in good spirits, despite the weather. And despite a complete lack of Labour Day celebrations in here.

      Hope you have enjoyed your time with the family then 🙂

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