wild horses

Wild horses could well be the name of this amazing installation, but the true name is Stick-to-it-ive-ness: Unwavering pertinacity; perseverance. This piece was created by Richard Morse and was an entry for 2012 Artprice – an independent competition that invites artists to take part in an open call for an art piece to be showcase in the town of Grand Rapids, state of Michigan, USA. The winners of public vote and juried awards receive quite lavish payment for their work which, as the organizers put it, aims at catapults careers of now world leading artists.


Here’s what the author says about his work, inspiration and meaning he sees in the huge sculpture:

The visual representation of horses running on the river’s surface, symbolize the struggles and perseverance, the simple grace yet powerful attitude that everybody needs in difficult situations. The title came about as a life lesson: since surviving stage 4 cancer, I don’t take life for granted anymore. As an artist, I challenge myself to create more of an impact among the others by transmitting a message inspired from the normal life of Mother Nature. To create something out of nothing pushes me more, so this is how it was born the idea of using fallen but sound branches, to bring nature back to life, to illustrate the struggle and drama that horse’s must face, as they step into the unknown, under the water’s surface. Together they are strong and support each other towards their goal to succeed. Passion for this project comes from my connection with the nature and love for wood. I hope my artwork will become a force of nature for others…

The gallopping horses were located at Blue Walking Bridge in the town of Grand Rapids.

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