Packaged river

I have not brough any of the project of one of my firm favourites, the eco-friendly, socially aware collective from Spain, Luzinterruptus for a while, so here is one their projects again.

This time it is an installation which was carried out in September 2012 in Caracas, Venezuela. The artists were invited by the Spanish Embassy to work on In the Middle of the Street , an urban festival that each year celebrates the importance of public space as a place of peaceful coexistence and took place on the 1st of September in the Chacao neighborhood in Caracas.

Here’s what the collective says about their project:

As usual, as we thought about the installation, we tried to introduce a little reflection regarding an issue which concerns us, in this case we weren’t going to do any less, and we chose water, one of our recurring themes.

With the piece, Portable River, we wanted to bring a river of water to the center of Caracas, for which we had to package it and lay it at rest, quite an unusual thing, because there it is normal to see it overflowing the streets every time it rains. We wanted to stop it for one night so that people could sit down and admire its beauty and perhaps, think about the value of this element, essential to life and the challenge presented in bringing it closer to the citizens, especially in the big cities.

To achieve our urban river, we created our own flow of crystal clear water packaged in 2,000 transparent bags, inside of which, in addition to light, we included samples of the life that dwells in it. Each bag was a small, ephemeral aquarium, a container of fish and plants, which, thanks to the light acquired an unsuspected value.

At the end of the night, the bystanders could carry away our small, illuminated ecosystems.

And both the children and the adults took the colourful packages eagerly.

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