Polish folk on the streets

Folk on the street” was an action organized by a Regional Centre for Culture Animation in Białystok, Poland – a city located in the Podlasie region, one of the purest and  ecologically diverse regions in Poland. The main aim was the promotion and popularization of culture of the region. Here in Poland the traditional folklore is still going strong with many companies preserving the traditions of dances, local costumes, festivities and decorations. But folk has also become trendy a copuple of years ago, and its strong influence on a variety of artists and art genres is clearly visible – we have designer drawing from traditional motives, both in clothing, accessories and in home decor, we have an enourmous diversity of jewellery, decorations etc.

The organizers of this action searched for artists who drew inspiration from folklore and who were eager to go out into the streets with their art. They invited contemporary street art artists. One of them – NeSpoon – whose work I mentioned in the past, created a mural on a 13-meter wall and an installation of lace next to the city hall. Both her works include the form she works with most frequently – lace patterns. Other artists, invited from Belarus – a country that shares elements of folklore and history with Poland – have created a colourful mural, which includes geometrical shapes from the Belarus folk and a cock with it feathers which is omnipresent in the cultures of Eastern Europe, on a 50-meter long wall around the city sport stadium.

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