Illicit swings

Swings are fun – you must admit that even if you prefer to be seen as a serious person, not admitting to what might be considered a childish behaviour. And swings around the city, just in random locations? A perfect idea for a break in an ordinary day! And since today it’s no ordinary day – is it also Children’s Day where you’re at? – let’s just say with this little swinging post I want to celebrate the occassion

This was an idea that inspired a San Francisco, USA resident, Jeff Waldman, who in his spare  time and at his own expense started hanging swings in various locations around the city. These guerilla swings caught the attention of the Awesome Foundation which awarded him a $1,000 grant to hang 50 more, a project he captured in this great new  you can watch below. The project has since grown a bit encompassing swing installations in Los Angeles and in the Marshall Islands, and there were plans to travel to Bolivia to hung some more.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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