For the love of libraries! 3

Taking you on another part of the journey thought the interesting libraries around the world, this time, unlike in the first and second part I won’t focus on the distinctions I have previously pictured – libraries from the Old and the New world and their styles. This time I want to show you a collection of the smallest libraries around the world. There are several that claim the title “the smallest library”, each of them different, but all of them – cute and surprising, please enjoy the selection.

Smallest library in Frankfurt, Germany

You can come at any time of the day, open the window and grab a book.

frankfurtSmallest library in Barcelinhos, Portugal

Created in a phone booth, the library houses a collection of books, scientific publications and newspapers. The citizens of the town apparently have taken great fondness to the small library, also because of the picturesque view that spreads next to it – to the river Cavado, medieval bridge and a Roman castle. Apart from the citizens of the little town, also people living in a nearby, bigger town of Barcelos can use the library – as the small booth and a greater library in Barcelos will be sharing the collections.


Smallest library in Westbury, England

Westbury Book Exchange, again, lives in an old telephone booth. However, it is considerably older than its Portuguese counterpart.

Westbury Book Exchange, an old telephone booth

Two smallest libraries in New York, USA.

The first one in a disused NYC pay phone booth, created by architect John Locke. (By the way – with this we can also take a tour to see how the looks of phone booths around the world differ!)

NYC pay phone booth, created by architect John LockeThe Free Little Library designed by Venezuelan design firm Stereotank was installed in New York’s Nolita neighborhood only recently. It is a temporary outdoor shelving unit that functions as a free library. The clever design protects the books from the weather while allowing people to duck under a cover to see what’s available.
Apparently, this installation is the first one of the series that comes from the collaboration between Architectural League of New York and the Pen World Voices Festival who have selected 10 designers to build miniature free libraries in downtown Manhattan through September.

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