Spicing up the English lawns

New signage popping up all over National Trust properties across the east of England is making a mockery of the stuffy reputation of country houses. Nature’s Playground, the new campaign by The Click Design Consultants, sees a series of nine brightly-coloured notices dotted about the grounds, which are designed to encourage exactly the behaviour which they initially seem to inhibit. Resembling restrictions and warning notices, the signs actually encourage tree-hugging, flower-sniffing, photo-snapping and general fun, undermining the conservative reputation of informative notices.

Great idea to spice up the strict English life and lawns!

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5 Responses to Spicing up the English lawns

  1. Brilliant concept!

  2. This is a great campaign, they’ve manged to really turn this normal type of negative signage on its head and make the environment much more inclusive.

    • layyla says:

      Have you seen it yourself? I also think this is a brilliant idea. I have alwasy had this idea of English parks as being a very “serious” yet well-tended place. One the other hand, it is great that it is completely acceptable to walk and play and make picnics at least in some areas and people are used to it. Not a common thing in Poland, unfortunately. We even have a stupid law that forbids sitting on grass and making picnic there. And even if someone decides to sit anyway, most of the people look at him as if he was mad. I wish our environment was more inclusive…

      • No haven’t seen it except in your pictures. I do think it’s a great idea though even if only from a rebranding basis, getting away from the stuffy old English environment and into the modern age which is crucial in terms of attracting people from all societies. Wow I didn’t know about the law about picnics in Poland. I was only there the other week on holiday, lucky for me it rained so any thoughts of picnicking on the grass were very far from the mind 😀

  3. steviepreater says:


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